Ear specialists need this picture hanging in their office to let their patients know they are up to date on the latest health care trends. This image will do wonders for their patients’ sense of humor and their appreciation of the doctor’s own ability to have a good time. You can get this as wall art, mugs, shirts, mousepads or other great products.

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Automated Picking System Millions of us work in factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities where picking items is part of the daily work. This dooniverse picking system is instantly recognizable as the last system the boss tried to implement. Why not order up a batch of T-shirts customized with your company information so you can share the joy of working in a sweat shop lovely warehouse with your fellow drudges co-workers.

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Far, far away in a distant galaxy. Sorry about that. I get my story lines mixed up sometimes. In this galaxy, not too long ago, a young man sat in church doodling under his grandmother’s watchful eye. The tradeoff was simple. Be quiet and you can draw. Ed’s still quiet, more or less, and he’s still drawing.

This site brings you a sample of Ed’s work with the promise of more to come. You can browse his displayed work and you can also tell him you would like to be updated as the dooniverse expands to include more art and products.